OpenRepGrid Docu

Analyze grids!

OpenRepGrid is a software for repertory grids, a qualitative-quantitative research technique used across various domains from clinical psychology to marketing.

All system.

All systems - no constraints. Whether you use MacOS, Windows or Linux. OpenRepGrid runs on every major operating system.

It’s an add-on.

OpenRepGrid is a free add-on package for the statistical R software. Sounds difficult? It’s not! Just go ahead and install it.


OpenRepGrid already offers a variety of analysis features for grids. The long term goal is to create a software that offers about anything you need.


There is an evergrowing documentation containing descriptions and examples for all analysis features. You have another great example? Just add it!

Get on board.

OpenRepGrid is a collaborative project. You have great ideas, feature requests, general questions or suggestions? Just get on board!

Add features.

If you know some R, you can easily program new features for OpenRepGrid yourself. This way you can spread your ideas within the grid community.

Generate reports.

You need to regularly generate reports based on grid data, e.g. for clinical assessment. OpenRepGrid makes this an easy task.


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